Attending Physician

The patient’s personal physician is a key member of the Hospice Team. The attending physician is responsible for overseeing and approving the patient’s Plan of Care.

Hospice Medical Director

Along with the attending physician, the Hospice Medical Director oversees and approves the patient’s Plan of Care. The hospice Medical Director provides education to the Hospice Team and other healthcare professionals. The Medical Director may also serve as a patient’s attending physician when needed.

Registered Nurse (RN)

The Hospice RN serves as the patient’s Case Manager. He/she is responsible for the patient’s physical comfort and making recommendations to the attending physician regarding pain and symptom management.

Social Worker

The Hospice Social Worker is responsible for the overall support of the patient and family. He/she may assist with financial planning and advance directives as well as emotional support and counseling.

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

The CNA, working under the supervision of the Hospice RN, is responsible for providing assistance with the patient’s personal care.

Hospice Chaplain

The hospice Chaplain is responsible for providing spiritual support to all patient and family members requesting such support. The Hospice Chaplain may serve as a bridge between the patient/family and their personal house of worship.


The Hospice Volunteer fills a very special roll in Hospice Care. The volunteer may provide support, respite care, or any other reasonable request that will support the patient and family in their time of need. Volunteers may also donate their time assisting with routine tasks in the office.